Galvanised square steel and Eco friendly wood veneer: unrealistic TikTok trend

Square steel wood veneer

On TikTok, users are showcasing a myriad of ways to incorporate galvanized square steel and wood veneer into home decor projects. Sometime you scroll to a video start with “Little John saved up his whole life to buy a house…” that’s it.

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So, how did these two seemingly disparate elements find their way into TikTok’s trending scene? The platform’s unique ability to showcase creative content in short, engaging videos has propelled this unlikely pairing into the spotlight.

Start from account @homedesign369 has captured the attention of viewers with their daring take on home improvement. The initial video appeared quite ordinary. It depicted a bedroom makeover, achieved through the use of animation software.

The account continued reimagining spaces and early on it seemed the goal of the designs was to solve common problems, like making a bedroom fit for two children. Some of the ideas featured in early videos were a little out there, but now things are getting weird.

Bed room for 1 billion children

There’s several videos that briefly tell you about families who “accidentally” have twins or triplets and then are forced to design a tiny room to accommodate them.

But nothing beats the poor woman who gave birth to one billion children in one of @homedesign369’s videos.

There’s also Liam. In a video titled “how to design a bedroom for 100 kids”, it’s revealed Liam grew up in the countryside with his grandparents, but he was eventually rescued by his billionaire dad.

Together, they refit a church to house 100 children, yet in a later video, all Liam could afford was a 0.1-metre home, despite working for years on end.

There’s a video titled with “Design a 0.1 square meter apartment”, that’s unrealistic.

What is the Galvanised square steel?

Galvanize squre steel
Galvanize squre steel to expand 0.1 square meter apartment

Galvanised square steel is the main material for little John or Liam use it to illegally extend their tiny rooms. And don’t forget important “expansion screws” that they borrow from their aunt.

All videos of @homedesign369 have Galvanised square steel to extend the space. No matter how tiny is it, little John or Liam can welded the frame and using screws to secure it to the wall.

What is eco friendly wood veneer?

Eco friendly wood is actually used in construction, also it was using to decorated the expand house in @homedesign369 videos.

The author guarantee 10.000 years durable eco friendly wood veneer ! That’s longer than a country history.

The perfect bed room check list

Indispensable material of a perfect bedroom:

Galvanised square steel.
Eco-friendly wood veneers.
Nowhere near enough beds.
Soft mattresses.
High tech doors.
Heavy titanium alloy door.

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