Trending now Dolly Parton Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving shirts sold out within an hour

Sold out within an hour

In a surprising fashion move, the Cowboys’ quarterback made a statement beyond the game at his postgame press conference in Carolina. Wearing a T-shirt that hinted at the upcoming Thursday halftime show, the quarterback showcased the latest in Dolly Parton fashion. The shirt itself boasted an image of the iconic country artist, complete with a patch over her left eye cleverly shaped like the distinctive Cowboys star. This unique attire served as a nod to Parton’s upcoming performance at AT&T Stadium later in the week.

“They sold out immediately with zero promotion,’’ executive vice president Charlotte Jones marveled. “They all sold out within the hour.

“Then, Dak and some of the players wore them this weekend and requests blew up again.’’

Additional orders have been placed, and the T-shirts are expected to restock the shelves at Thetrendytee by Tuesday. They’ll also be up for grabs on the team’s website. Moreover, on Thursday, Parton will set up a pop-up store at the stadium’s Miller Lite House, offering not only those sought-after T-shirts but also a range of other merchandise.

These shirts mark the beginning of a collaborative venture between these two renowned brands. In addition to the shirts, a special Cowboys limited edition CD of Parton’s latest album, Rockstar, is exclusively available in the Texas and Oklahoma regions. Fans can acquire their copies at the game or through the respective websites of both the Cowboys and Dolly Parton.

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