Season4: Eps19 - Sin in the City 4 (photo story)

–Doorway Opens—

Kumi: Ah-ha! There you are!”

Charley: *mutters* “Crap on a friggin’ stick.”

Dane: “Run. I’ll catch you up.”

Charely: *seems to be torn over the prospect of escaping Kumi’s clutches but leaving Dane to brave her ire by yourself*

Dane (imperiously): “I claimed go. Now.”

Caid: *softly, from underneath his hat* “Ease up, Blue Blood.”

Dane: *will make an hard work to rest his shoulders* “Seriously, I bought this sorted, Chuck. Make tracks and I’ll catch you up in a bit.”

Charley: *nods reluctantly, turns and jogs down the beach front*

Kumi: “Charley! Get back below! We’re not even close to becoming completed however!” *commences teetering just after her, as rapid as her three-inch heels will let*

Dane: *snags Kumi by her arm, haughtily* “Explain on your own.”

Kumi (incredulously): “Explain myself? To who? You?

Dane: “What in the bleeding hell do you feel you’re executing to Charley?”

Kumi: “I’m trying to beautify her by tomorrow, so she’ll have a sporting likelihood at a hook up throughout the reception. Now, permit go of my arm or I’ll have to go all hungry mama bear on you, Goldilocks.”

Dane: *raises chin, seems to be down his nose at Kumi* “She doesn’t require you to beautify her. She’s good as she is.”

Kumi: *squints just after Charley’s rapidly diminishing variety* “Is that what you feel?”

Dane: “That’s what I know. You are trying to suck out her originality—her Charleyness—and transform her into some vapid, generic chick. Slice it the hell out! And did you ever feel by telling her she desires to be designed over that you’re hurting her thoughts? Sodding insensitive, innit?”

Kumi: *turns to stare at Dane, eyes narrowed in consideration*

Dane (indignantly): “And why’d you have to acquire her eyeglasses? She likes them. And what is the massive idea placing her in that fit. It barely coated her naughty bits and is heading to bring in the erroneous form! Hell, it bought Caid’s notice, and he’s most surely the erroneous form!”

Caid: *nods, entirely unoffended* “I even have a t-shirt that suggests so. I’m all about truth in promoting.”

Kumi: “If you feel she’s so best, why haven’t you requested her out currently, dumbass?”

Dane: *flabbergasted, mouth opening and closing like a goldfish* “Are you mental? Why would I? She’s never ever supplied any sign that she’s into me…”

Style Credits
**Any doll enhancements (i.e. freckles, piercings, eye colour changes) were being accomplished by me except otherwise mentioned.**

Bikini: IT – Monsieur Z Doll
Include Up: Mattel – Playline – My Scene
Footwear: IT – Monogram Doll – Ideal Drama
Sunglasses: Style Royalty – Homme – Substantial & Mighty Darius
Necklace: Me

Doll is a Nu.Fantasy Wild Wolf Kumi transplanted to a NuFace system.

Shorts: Mattel – Playline – Cali Girl Blaine
Belt: Miema (
Shirt: Miema ( – Slice off the collar and sleeves
Sneakers: Style Royalty – Homme – Euro-Basic Style
Hat: Style Royalty – Homme – In the Mix Takeo
Sunglasses: IT – Dynamite Boys – Stunning Boy Auden

Doll is Night Eyesight Rely Adrian

Shorts: Jakks Pacific – Hannah Montana – Oliver Doll
Shirt: Mattel – Barbie Essentials Ken
Flippers: Mattel – Playline – Ken Outfit
Hat: Mattel – Playline – Ken Doll
Cuff Me Bracelet: Knife’s Edge Styles (me)

Doll is a Dark Hunter Acheron. His eyes have been repainted by me.

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