Prepared and directed by My-Linh Le
Manufactured by Matt Reyes
Seem by Calvin Sakioka
Cinematography by My-Linh Le and Calvin Cheng

Edward Yeh
Eliza Pastor
Emmie Nagata
Kenji Igus
Jordan McLoughlin
Tanner Cohen
Steph Woods

I have been wanting to write you THE appreciate letter. Like the greatest 1. And I have had this secret agenda held in a pocket somewhere in all the enjoyment we’d been getting jointly. Between all the laughter. And the consuming. And all of the straight-up, daring, seductive stares we’d give every single other. Even when we were being just lying in rest, and I’m listening to your softly fatigued breaths, just considering about the working day, and tomorrow, and then some about you, until I slide asleep. And throughout all of that somewhere in me I thought about that appreciate letter.

And it baffles me… and perhaps disappoints me a bit that I have not and nevertheless can’t seem to be to uncover phrases pretty enough for you. Like ever. However, each and every now and then just getting all over you brings me to some type of astoundingly wonderful experience or some type of astoundingly wonderful revelation about those thoughts, which then in an excitement to convey them leaves me with almost nothing else to write, but um… properly, about that appreciate letter…

Even nevertheless it is been some time given that we last mentioned goodbye, each and every time I uncover myself drowning in this idle, moon-driven type of daily life of downtown with the sounds of night time like the rhythm of your thoughts synced up with mine and the thoughts that always acquired dropped wandering in our comfortable silence, I’m nevertheless reminded of you and how it felt like the stop of wintertime when I last touched your skin, how I’d dwell on the smooth smell you’d depart on mine. And I can’t help but really feel amazed by the taste left from what is underneath your belt each and every time.

I miss you. The way you echoed with audio, tranquil but deep, resonating past the late-night time loitering mild from street lamps that nodded off now respiratory seriously as nevertheless they were being rapid asleep just exterior your place at 3AM with weighty feet and a masculine type of grace, reminiscent of the epic hymns informed in the way your shirt would perform with that curvature from your hips and your waist all the way up to that area just involving your shoulder blades.

Probably we underestimated how considerably you’ve influenced me. And it is humorous how we allow particular sections of ourselves to stay unprotected no make any difference the effects and somehow it will make the earth seem to be out of the blue different when in fact it is just me, awkwardly fumbling by my existence and the disconnect that constantly happens just to stay in this connection with you—


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